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Installing the Shuttle HOT-569

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This page describes how I installed the Shuttle HOT-569 motherboard into my In-Win Q500 case. This isn't a step-by-step instruction manual (there are many sites listed below that do a much better job than I can). Instead, this page highlights some of the more unusual details about fitting a Baby-AT motherboard into an ATX-style case. Also, I don't have any pictures of the installation process or any of the parts that are needed for installation (I just don't have the server space). You can either use your imagination or check out some of the very good sites that do have pictures as well as more complete procedures for installing other components on my Hardware Links page. There are a bunch of sites listed there. Among them all, my top choices would have to be The PC Guide, Motherboard Homeworld, and PC Mechanic.

Please be sure to use a properly grounded wrist-strap to protect the computer hardware you handle from static electricity. They can be found at most any computer hardware store. Handle all components by their non-metallic edges only. And unplug the computer whenever you're working inside of it. It's much easier to replace a motherboard than it is to replace you. See The PC Guide for more safety tips.

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